Equine NIR Price List

Equine Wet Chemistry Price List

Nutrition will influence overall horse health. There are some horses that are sensitive to elevated sugar content in hay and pasture which can lead to conditions such as laminitis, Cushing’s syndrome, or equine metabolic syndrome. These horses are unable to take up glucose (a form of sugar) into their cells because they have a diminished response to the hormone insulin, therefore they have a persistently high blood sugar level. The sugar that is remaining in the blood cannot be used for energy production by the cell.

It has been found that limiting dietary sugar levels in a horse with insulin sensitivity problems can benefit their overall health. Therefore, there has been a trend to analyze feed ingredients (such as hay and pasture) for sugar content, and choose feeds low in sugar for insulin sensitive equine that have the potential to have insulin sensitivity problems (older or obese horses). Ag Health Labs is offering both wet chemistry and NIR sugar analysis for feeds.

Forms and Prices

Equine Standard NIR:  $22.50
Equine Standard NIR+Wet Chemistry Minerals: $34.50

Equine Analysis

Understanding your horse's nutrition level through feed analysis is important. At Ag Health Laboratories, we are committed to providing analytical data to meet these needs.

Equine Wet Chemistry: $53.50

Equine Carb Package: $30.00

Equine Wet Chemistry + Wet Chemistry Minerals: $65.50

Mineral Panel: $17.50
Dry Matter:

Selenium (Se): $58.50