Equine NIR Price List

Equine Wet Chemistry: $62.50
Mineral Panel:
Dry Matter:

NIR vs. Wet Chemistry

Equine Wet Chemistry Price List

Wet Chemistry methods for mineral analysis are superior to NIR predictions. If you are concerned about the mineral content of your feed, Ag Health Laboratories highly recommends wet chemistry methods. 

Wet Chemistry is referred to as the "Gold Standard" in feed analysis. Wet Chemistry methods measure actual nutrient composition of a feedstuff. Whereas, NIR feed results are predicted from wet chemistry feed analysis using mathematical equations through near infrared technology.

NIR equations are not available on all feed types. However, Ag Health Labs has the ability to measure nutrients composition on most forages (alfalfa hay, grass hay and pasture). The NIR does a decent job of predicting nutrient composition accurately.

Equine Standard NIR:  $24.50
Equine Standard NIR+Wet Chemistry Minerals: $39.50

Equine Analysis

Understanding your horses nutrition level through feed analysis is important. At Ag Health Laboratories, we are committed to providing analytical data to meet these needs.