*All analysis can be run on fresh cones, baled cones, and pelleted samples.

*Drop Box is Not Checked Daily ~ Please call Lab if you leave samples

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Ag Health Labs is excited to announce that we are offering Hop Analyses. Our current capabilities include Oil Content, Alpha Acids, Beta Acids, Hop Storage Index, and Dry Matter (moisture). Fresh leaf, baled hops, and hop pellets can all be analyzed at the lab. Ag Health Laboratories is committed to providing laboratory services to agriculture enterprises on the West Coast. We continue to expand into different areas as we become aware of Ag Producer’s needs. Education, technical support, and research are key components to complement and support the lab analyses that are conducted at Ag Health Labs. Hop analyses is a new area of interest, however, we are available as a resource to facilitate or coordinate research and/or education opportunities. The owner and many employees at Ag Health Labs have extensive science and laboratory knowledge.

   Drop Box Locations include:

 Ag SourceDropbox: Drop samples at these locations before 7am on pickup days to have your sample delivered to Ag Health Labs

*D&M Chemical    (Moxee, WA)
Crop Production Services (Toppenish, WA)

Samples will be picked up on Tuesdays and Thursdays and be delivered to our lab.

 Hop Analysis Pricing​​

Total Oils………$25.00

Determined by steam distillation. Reported as % (mL oil/100g) ASBC method Hops-13. 150g of sample required for analysis

Acids Analysis……$30.00

Includes Alpha Acids, Beta Acids, and Hops Storage Index (HSI). Acids determined by Spectrophotometric method.

ASBC method Hops-6. 100g of sample required for analysis

Dry Matter/Moisture……….…$7.50

Force air oven method. ASBC method Hops-4. 200g of sample required for analysis