April 2019

 Will Nitrates be an Issue in Forages Harvested this Spring?

October 2018

Mycoplasma PCR Now Available 


September 2017 

Evaluating CSPS during harvest will help optimize the quality of the forage being ensiled

February 2017

Don't give IV Calcium to a standing cow


​​April 2016

Tips for Ensiling Forages 


March 2015
New Approaches to Characterize Feed Quality 

September 2015 
Corn Silage Processing Score (CSPS) 

December 2015 
Dietary Nitrate: Where is the Risk? 


July 2014
Digestible Organic Matter Index (DOMI) – What’s the Value? 

April 2014
Got Manure?
February 2014
How do You Rank Your Forages for Quality?

January 2014 

Mastitis Culture Programs   


December 2013
Social Media: Do you Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? or Flicker?   
July 2013  

Sugar – Fact vs Myth           

May​ 2013 

NIR Feed Analysis  


April 2012  
How time matters in harvesting triticale and planting corn.  

December 2011  
BVD-PI and upcoming events.
October 2011  
Beef Cow Nutrition-How do I afford to feed my cows, BioPRYN-Right for Beef Cattle, What is BVD PI? and Stockmanship 101.
August 2011 (2nd Edition)            
How sampling location affects the lab test results on a feed sample. Also learn important milk sampling techniques to help ensure accuracy in the testing process.
August 2011  
Why feed test results differ from one lab to another and techniques to use for the most accurate results.                             
July 2011 
Proper hay sampling techniques.
June 2011  
How to maximize forage quality and lab updates.
April 2011  
Why forage quality pays, new shipping options and more.


October 2010  
Transition cow index, measuring total solids in calf milk, and more.           
September 2010  
Foot health in dairy cattle, triticale silage protein and fiber analysis in the Northwest, and more.
July 2010  
Drug residues in meat, feed energy values, and more.
May 2010          
Monitoring Fecal Starches, updates to the Feed Submission Forms, and more.  
January 2010
Lessons dairies can learn from beef cattle feedlot nutritionists.  

April 2009  
Latest news on the Digitonin Sensitivity Test.

November 2008
Our new feed lab, NFTA report card and crohnes disease being linked to beef consumption.                                 
August 2008
Ag Health News is back!